Activate a policy
  • Updated on 21 Apr 2019
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Activate a policy

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This procedure describes how to install Datree on your GitHub organization account.

1. Active Datree's Smart Policy

Navigate to the Datree Policy Management pane , and toggle Smart Policy Management to ON

This is a one-time setup


2. Choose your policies

Select the policies you wish to enforce by sliding their toggle button to ON.


Not sure which policies you should activate?
Check your Status Report in order to know!

3. Choose your repositories

By default, all repositories are opt-in, meaning you must choose which repositories you would like the policy to run on:


  • Enable on new repositories by default - automatically sets the policy on new repositories
  • Enable All - activate a policy on all the repositories


4. Check your policy in action

Datree automatically adds a new check mark per each pull request opened in the selected repositories:

A green check mark denotes the pull request met the requirements of the configured policies πŸ˜ƒ


A red mark denotes the pull request violated one of the configured policies 😡


Click Details to provide more details regarding which policies passed or failed.

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