Add Slack integration
  • 21 Apr 2019
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Add Slack integration

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When Datree is connected to a slack channel, a notification is generated each time a new code component is introduced to the organization for the first time.

This enables users to track new technologies, and open/inners source packages added to the company dev stack for enhanced collaboration, knowledge sharing, and tracking (security and legal audit).

1. Set Incoming WebHooks

In the Slack Incoming WebHooks app app, click Add Configuration


2. Choose a channel

Choose a channel to post messages, and click Add Incoming WebHooks integration

3. Fill out integration details

Navigate to the Integration Settings section, and complete the following details

Item Recommended input
Descriptive Label Datree's new code component integration
Customize Name Datree
Customize Icon Icon

4. Copy “Webhook URL” and save changes

Copy “Webhook URL” and click on “Save Settings”


5. Paste “Webhook URL” at Datree's dashboard

Paste the webhook URL in the Notifications Management and click on “Update URL”


You are all set!


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