Keep package versions aligned between projects
  • Updated on 22 Apr 2019
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Keep package versions aligned between projects

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This rule enables you to control version alignment of packages (open-source & inner-source) across your multiple repositories.

Even though the same package is used, a different version distribution makes it more difficult to reuse code and tests. It is recommended to use the same version, or at least the same major version, across different projects.

Use case(s)

  • UI components - Avoid discrepancies between different versions of the same package of UI components across different projects
  • Internal source - Avoid breaking changes between different versions of the same internal package across different projects
  • Open source - Create a blacklist of risky versions of specific open source packages

When does this rule fail?

When a dependency version in the manifest files is not adhering to the organization's versioning policy.


How to fix?

  1. Fix your discrepancy versions according to the failure message
  2. Push your commit and add it to the open pull request
  3. Datree's policy check will automatically run to make sure all discrepancies are aligned with the desired version

What's Next

Activate a policy
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