• 10 Jun 2019
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What is it?

“Insights” is integrated with your github account and act as a pull request enrichment layer, which provides insights (da!) in context of your organization dev stack, for a better code review and smarter development decisions.

Why is it important?

Your repository doesn’t stand for itself, it is a part of something bigger - a herd of repositories which serve your organization. So every decision made in one repository will affect the rest of the herd in this way or another. For example, if your whole org is using mongoose for their mongoDB, (if you don’t have a relevant use case) it makes no sense to be the only one that is using mogodb-native because it will make it harder to reuse existing code and knowledge.

How does it work?

No need to guess, ask or check how your org dev stack looks. Once enabled, “Insight” will add a “check” for every pull request, with code components & repository related information.

Repository related

  • When was the last commit to the default branch
  • When was the last commit by the pull request opener to the default branch
  • What is the code contributing percentage by the pull requestor to the default branch

Code components related

  • New code component in the scope of repository or organization
  • Removed code component from the repository
  • Version changes (upgrade / downgrade)
  • Used digest of what is used in files added / updated



Who gets it?

Organizations with catalog and smart policy plan

Which integration are supported?

Languages: node.js / ruby / python / c# / java

Git vendors: GitHub

Common questions

Can the insight check fail a pull request?

No. Unlike the “Smart Policy” rules, “Insights” check will always have “pass” status.

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