Status Report
  • 21 Apr 2019
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Status Report

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What is it?

"Status Report" is a free tool for developers. It ensures developer operations uses industry best-practices and protocols.

Why is it important?

Today, the era of code development is inherently convoluted. From the supply chain of engineering to deployment, there's complex processes involved. Researching, testing and verifying across many coding tools and platforms is a headache. It has become a multi-layered spider web, and one small error can undermine the integrity of your work. And staying up-to-date with best practices for all development standards is tricky.

After scanning thousands of repositories and interviewing hundreds of customers, we created a list of common best practices which we strongly recommend be adopted in every modern software development organization.

The status report is an automatic proofreader for your organization’s code. It ensures you subscribe to industry best practices and avoid the nightmare pitfalls. Connect with datree’s GitHub application to scan your repositories and generate your free status report today.

How does it work?

Datree will scan all your repositories for violations of Datree’s list of best practices. If it identifies a violation, it indicates why there was a violation and suggests how to fix it.

  • Separate secret credentials from source code - which repositories are including secrets files

  • .gitignore should be included in your projects - which repositories are not including a .gitignore file

  • CODEOWNERS should be included in your projects - which repositories are not including a CODEOWNERS file

  • Avoid committing dependencies dir into your projects - which repositories are including dependencies dir

  • Block unrecognized committers - which repositories are including commits from unverified users

  • Lock package (at least major) version - which repositories have packages with imprecise version

  • Archive dead repositories - repositories w/o a commit in the last year

  • Separate personal config files from source code - which repositories are including personal configuration files

  • Protect the main branches from direct commits - which repositories don't have any protected branch

  • Require review for pull requests - which repositories don't require at least 1 review for approving a pull request

  • Don't let new commits dismiss pull request approval - which repositories new commit are NOT dismissing a pull request approval


Switching between Status Report and Catalog views

Just click on the "report" / "catalog" button at the top of the page, next to your avatar


Who gets it?

Organizations with catalog and smart policy plan

Which integration are supported?

Languages: node.js / ruby / python / c# / java

Git vendors: GitHub

Common questions

Is the report getting updated?

If Datree's app installed, the report will always stay up-to-date for every code change done on your source control

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