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Block unrecognized committers and authors

This rule blocks committers and authors with unrecognized email addresses (not associated with any GitHub user).

If a committer or author’s local git config fails to match their GitHub account settings, the committer or author’s email address is rendered unrecognizable, the commits are not associated with the correct user, and it is almost impossible to trace the true identity of the committer.

Use case(s)

  • Trace any line of code in the entire codebase to its true author and committer
  • Recommended requirement for SOC2 complaint (Processing Integrity)

When does this rule fail?

When a committer's or author's email address (in one the commits in the pull request) is not connected to any recognized GitHub user.

How to fix?

There are different reasons why the committer or author's email is "unrecognized", so you will need to follow this guide in order to troubleshoot the root cause.

Block unrecognized committers and authors

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